Terms of Use

XL Versatile

XL builds on a surprisingly small array of components for a broad range of configurations. Beyond desking and divisions, the system includes peripherals that enhance flexibility and functionality in the workplace.

From individual workstations and team environments to reception and the boardroom... the look is consistent and the effect is considerable.


XL Meeting Conference



XL Work Environment


XL Lite Simplicity

XL takes on the complexity of office furnishings using simple, multi-purpose elements that provide efficient and functional solutions for complex configuration needs.

The flexibility of the system makes it easier to modify even the most simplest configurations, integrating them with straight or shaped worktops using an efficent system involving shared structural components.

Minimal components : Maximise potential


XL Creative Benching

XL was designed to meet a wide range of requirements in any open office application.

The objective was to deliver a complete, easy to specify offering providing space efficient planning options, high performance capabilities and at a high value price point while providing elegant contemporary aesthetics.


XL Workplace Potential

Developing potential in the workplace is a key factor in gaining support for the values upheld by your organisation. Today’s work spaces include elements of “home” comfort, intended to make the company a place where people live and evolve. Offices are also changing to draw on the full potential of mobile technologies. On the road, at home or at the office, “nomadic” working is no longer a fantasy, but a reality that pro- vides a response to the growing problems of mobility and flexibility. Finally, new con- straints in both economic terms (flexibility and cost control) and environmental terms are contributing hugely towards altering our perception of work spaces. These spaces now have to adapt to all the daily needs of the company, but also to the development of its structure over time. The workplace has become more than a rigid framework. It has become a lever for the profitability, performance and reputation of your company.